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I made a promise to my sweet Cubby that I would switch to using all cruelty-free household and cosmetic products. This blog is intended to help those of you who would like to do the same. Is a new lipstick really worth a dead bunny?

Friday, July 6, 2012

And so it begins...

This all started with some sad puppy dog eyes.

Ok, so not exactly SAD puppy dog eyes, but puppy dog eyes none-the-less.

As you may or may not be aware, I'm a little obsessed with my dog, Cubby. I think he is the best thing ever. EVER. I cannot imagine my life without him and he has literally inspired me to be a better person. I also am super in love with makeup. I may not bother with it every day, but I am definitely a makeup junkie.  It’s just fun.
While snuggling with my little prince one day, it just kind of hit me; I would never let anyone harm this sweet animal so how could I contribute to thousands of animals being harmed for humans’ vanity? In the United States, there are NO laws that require animal testing for cosmetics (or ingredients). NONE. ZERO. There are tons of regulations that require proof of a product’s safety, sure, but none that REQUIRE testing on animals. This is 2012, folks. Scientists can clone sheep, nuke a civilization back into the stone ages, and make tiny little treadmills for shrimp (no, seriously, look it up). There are plenty of alternate options to testing on animals. Lots of companies use them all the time. So why would any company still decide to harm, mutilate, poison, experiment on, and kill our furry little friends? Yes, there are still countries in the world (*ahem ahem* CHINA) that DO still require certain products and/or ingredients to be tested on animals but they can SUCK IT because there is quite literally no need for it. And in my book, any company that chooses to put profits over the well being of animals can also SUCK IT.
So, this blog is just documentation of my quest to transition to only supporting companies that have made a commitment to banning animal testing completely. There are lots of online resources to share this information (like PETA’s cruelty free list or The Leaping Bunny) as well as blogs that review products, but one more can’t hurt. This is not intended to be some sort of end-all, be-all resource on cruelty free products, but instead, just me sharing my journey to hopefully help you choose to be cruelty-free. I’d like to share information that I find online, as well as information direct from companies’ customer service departments; there are LOTS of loopholes and grey areas regarding a company’s stance on animal testing. Disclaimer: this blog is not about the writing; just the info sharing. I’ll do my absolute best to proof-read and keep it grammatically correct (ish) but please don’t judge my writing. I just want to help the animals!
So here’s my stance: my goal is to only buy cosmetic and household products (I’m not counting pharmaceuticals or food in this) from companies that do not test on animals whatsoever; no testing of finished products, no testing of ingredients, no contracting other companies to test on their behalf, no selling products in countries that require testing on animals, and not being owned by another company that does participate in animal testing (eg Burt’s Bees’ products are not tested on animals, but they are owned by Clorox, who does test on animals). I’ll post whatever research I find as well as reviews of items I’ve found and where you can purchase the same or similar things. 

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  1. Kitty!! I am so proud of you! I hope your journey goes well, and I hope to learn lots from you along the way.
    Best of luck!